How to Do All Your Holiday Shopping at Target

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When all other stores seems like too much work, when you don’t have the patience to match your loved ones to personality-appropriate brands, or when you plain forgot to do any holiday shopping at all, consider Target. Target, the place, is where you can roam and browse, reveling in the sheer delight of total anonymity and a gajillion celebrity collaboration products. But more often, at least in my case, Target is an admittedly busted mobile app, a tool for my phone-addicted mind to satisfy its scroll instinct while staying away from the Twitter hellscape. Honestly, I love it.

If you find yourself needing to maximize your holiday shopping efficiency, this is your store. The beauty of Target is that while it doesn’t have everything, it has a whole heck of a lot, and if you’re committed to getting all your presents in one fell swoop, it has exactly what you need.

From one die-hard Target fan, a guide to pulling off a single shopping trip for all your food-focused friends this holiday season:

Galanz Retro Mini Fridge

This mini-fridge has a midcentury, Smeg vibe without a Smeg price tag. I’d give it to whichever bachelor or college student in my life needs a beer fridge upgrade. Price: $190

Threshold stripe apron

Not everyone needs a bespoke apron. For the mere mortals in your life who love to bake and also love to send linens through the washing machine without worrying about it, this gray striped number is simple and elegant. Price: $11

Pillowfort Frozen Fantasy Sheet Set

The Target kids section is so good, and I firmly believe that when styled right, kids products add a sense of whimsy to an adult room. These would be a fun gift for anyone putting you up for a long weekend during the holiday season — thanks for having me, here’s some sheets with ice cream cones on them! Price: $20

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen Wood Salad Serving Set

Salad servers are a perennial hostess gift for a reason — they’re kind of fancy-feeling without being too expensive. These ones from Chrissy Teigen’s Target collab fit the bill nicely with a luxe look, and Chrissy Teigen probably touched them so bonus. Price: $10

Avatara Punch Up Face Masks

This three-pack of food-themes face masks is the solution to what to buy for the $10 Secret Santa or a stocking stuffer for the food-obsessed beauty junkie in your life. Price: $9

Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe

The dream of the ’90s is alive if you own a panini press. This stainless steel griddler, which has six different settings, is a generous gift for anyone who loves sandwiches, especially folks who cook for only one or two people. Price: $160

Baby Banana Infant Teething Toothbrush

Always love a non-edible item that’s shaped like fruit, and this is a baby toothbrush shaped like a banana!!!! I’m definitely getting one of these for my nephew even though he’s too much of a baby to even be teething yet. Price: $7

Anchor Hocking Laurel 8-Inch Rosewater Cake Dish

For any holiday pot lucks you’re going to this season, make something in this rose-colored dish, and let the party host keep it. Price: $10

Duralex Picardie Glass set

Wine glasses do not need to be expensive or precious, so I’m thinking a set of Duralex and a bottle or two of this extremely well-priced, natural gamay from Philippe Jambon in Beaujolais will be a go-to gift for friends this season. Price: $24

Five pounds of Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Bears

Haribo are the best gummy bears available in chain grocery stores in America, and this is a five-pound bag. I recommend gifting it to me. Price: $13

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