Watch David Chang Eat Dim Sum With Seth Rogen in Netflix’s ‘Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner’ Trailer

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, David Chang’s latest Netflix project following his hit series Ugly Delicious, will debut on the streaming platform on October 23, and judging from the newly released trailer, it looks like the new show will draw on the blend of food, travel, and culture that series like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown helped popularize, with an extra dose of celebrity.

The trailer includes snippets of Chang’s travels around four locations with four different companions: Vancouver, Canada, with actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen; Marrakesh, Morocco, with cookbook author Chrissy Teigen; Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with actor and comedian Kate McKinnon; and Los Angeles with actor and writer Lena Waithe. Featured highlights include dim sum in Vancouver, pottery-making in Marrakesh, sitting down with monks in Phnom Penh, and pedicures in Los Angeles.

“There’s something about traveling with someone that opens you up,” Chang said in a previous announcement about the project. “Being away from all the craziness of daily life, you spend long days together in an unfamiliar place with nothing to do but wander the street, share meals, and talk. That’s what BLD is all about — learning more about ourselves, our friends, and the people we encounter out in the world. Plus, of course, the ridiculously delicious meals we share.”

Since stepping back from his Momofuku restaurant empire, Chang has spent more time building up his Majordomo entertainment group, including ventures like his Ringer interview-style podcast, Ugly Delicious and its upcoming second season, and a forthcoming Hulu talk show with Chrissy Teigen called Family Style. The precise premiere dates for the latter two projects are still unknown.

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